Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Look #105 Too BOUGIE for You

Bougie @ THICK Round 17

What I am Wearing:

Exile:: Like a Desert Tonight2
IKON Charm Eyes - Brown
[LoveMe] Skins Kora Skin - Sunkiss - Lipstick03
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara V3.2
.Reckless. - 5 Gold
::!Bougie!:: Leslie HighWaist Shorts - BlackLime (@ T H I C K )
::!Bougie!:: Leslie Halter Top - BlackLime (@ T H I C K )
::!Bougie!:: Sybil Bodycon - Black (@ T H I C K )
SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant 
!(HighRize  Omega)! Coffin Nails - Elegant Short
*Reign.- Avian Sandals (Maitreya) (@ The Seasons Story )

I have been away again in real life. My grandfather went into Cardiac and Respiratory Arrest on Tuesday. Before that We've been going to and from doctor's appointments. He is now back home, but the appointments are still going. I am so sorry if I do not post as often as i should, but He's my main priority right now. He is my job. He is the child I don't have. I came back into second life to check on my messages and everything yesterday and found these amazing outfits from Bougie. They are available at the THICK Event Room and everything there is 100L$ or less! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Look #104 Little Princess


What I am Wearing:

/Wasabi Pills/ Jade Mesh Hair - Dark Flame
IKON Charm Eyes - Brown
[LoveMe] Skins Jessica - Lipstick06 - Tan
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara v2.1
***ArisAris Igs95 Azhara Fantasy Glasses
.Reckless. - 5 Gold 
SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
!(HighRize  Omega)! Coffin Nails - Elegant Short
!(HighRize  3.0) Sporty Princess (Blue, Coral, Pink)
SLink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS - Flat
!(HighRize  3.0)! Sporty Princess Sneakers (Blue, Coral, Pink)

The skin I am wearing from [LoveMe] Skins is from the 2015 Skin Fair.
The septum piercing from Reckless is from the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair.
The Nails from HighRize are 500L$ and come in 3 sizes. 
You can change every nail and every bow a different color. 
You can find them at the Main Store.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Look #103 Xxxtasi at THICK 3715

Xxxtasi @ THICK

What I'm Wearing:

[LoveMe] Skins - Ashley (@ Skin Fair 2015)
*Reign.- Zippit Heels - Black, Bubblegum, Crimson, Gray, Tan, Teal, Violet, White 
Xxxtasi - Jlo Glow - Blue, Pink, White ( 1st pic, @ THICK )
Xxxtasi - Vixen - Blu, Pink, Silver ( 2nd Pic @ THICK )
Xxxtasi - HR/Omega Nail Natural Net ( @ THICK )
Exile - Librarian Chic/Librarian Bow
SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant - xs
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara V2.18
IKON Charm Eyes - Brown

This is my first time blogging for Xxxtasi. The dresses are very cute and are available for TMP body, the Slink body and also Omega. The Vixen outfit also comes for those three. This round of THICK will end on Thursday, March 12th. Whore Couture runs from March 1st to April 1st! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Look #102 Yumz at THICK Round 8

Analog Dog - yeah
.::WoW Skins::. Foxy Milk 05 (@ The Hipster Fair )
IKON Promise Eyes - Midnight
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara v2.1
SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant 
*Reign..- Jacket Bag - Black/Silver (@ Creepy Kawaii Fair )
!(HighRize  3.0)! Diamond Glitter Nails - Elegant
!(HighRize  3.0)! HR/Omega Appliers (HipSter) (@ T H I C K)
*Reign.- My Little Cupcake Ring - Silver (@ Creepy Kawaii Fair )
[YumZ] Denim Jumper - (@ T H I C K)
*Reign.- Lizzy Boots - Black (@ Creepy Kawaii Fair )

Analog Dog - yeah
.::WoW Skins::. Foxy Milk 05 (@ The Hipster Fair )
IKON Promise Eyes - Midnight
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara v2.1
SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant 
*Reign.- Jacket Bag - Black/Silver (@ Creepy Kawaii Fair )
!(HighRize  3.0)! Diamond Glitter Nails - Elegant
!(HighRize  3.0)! HR/Omega Appliers (HipSter) (@ T H I C K)
*Reign.- My Little Cupcake Ring - Silver (@ Creepy Kawaii Fair )
[YumZ] Addictive Dress -  (@ T H I C K)
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Feet v2.1
*Reign.- Midnight Heels (Maitreya) - Violet

I apologize once again for taking so long to blog again. Real life is catching up with me. Between taking care of my grandfather and helping my sister move out, It's been hard to keep up. I am also cleaning up after my sister and trying to take care of myself as well. Here is something from one of my favorite designers. 

Everything from Reign Is exclusive to The Creepy Kawaii Fair!!


The Creepy Kawaii Gacha!

*My Little Cupcake Rings (RARE) 2 Options Gold/Silver

*Jupiter's Love Rings (COMMON) 4 Options Black/Red/Purple/Teal

*Jacket Bags (COMMON) 3 Colors Black/Bubblegum/White 2 metals each

*Studded Bow Bands (COMMON)
 7 Colors Black/White/Bubblegum/Teal/Gray/Tan/Violet with 2 metals each.

Look #101 HighRize at Fashion Expose

HighRize at Fashion Expose

What I am Wearing:

Analog Dog - Yeah - Dark reds
IKON Promise Eyes - Dew
.::Wow Skins::. Serena - Darktan
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara v2.1
!(HR 3.0)! Valentina Strings Bodycon - Aqua, Black, Lime, Pink, Purple, Red (@ Fashion Expose )
SLink Female Feet (AvEnhance) xs - High
!(HighRize  3.0)! Valentina Stilletto Platforms (@ Fashion Expose )

Monday, January 26, 2015

Look #100 HighRize at THICK Round5

HighRize  @ T H I C K Event Room Round 5

.ploom. Mystic V2 - Reds
.::WoW Skins::. Aleida Darktan (@ Designer's Circle )
IKON Promise Eyes - Paradise
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
!(HighRize  3.0)! Bandaged BodyCon - Aqua, Black, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red ( @ T H I C K )
SLink Female Feet (AvEnhance) xs - High
!(HighRize  3.0)! Chromed Platforms - Black, Cheetah, Cherries, Dalmatian, Floral, Giraffe, GoldPlated, Paisley, Purple Rain, Splatter, Swirl, Zebra ( @ T H I C K )

This is part one of my two part HighRize post for the T H I C K Event Room.
The dress in the pic is a saucy number that you can wear out with the girls or with your significant other. The heels in my opinion are gorgeous. They come with a hud that changes the colors of the straps and the color of the metals.

Look #99 YumZ at THICK Round 5.2

[YumZ] @ T H I C K Round 5 Pt. 2

+Spellbound+  Sunday - Natural Ombres & Dips
.::WoW Skins::. Aleida Darktan ( @ Designer's Circle )
IKON Promise Eyes - Hazel
Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
[YumZ] Loveli - Azteca, Bohemian, Seashell, Splatter  ( @ T H I C K )
SLink Female Feet (AvEnhance) xs - High
[YumZ] Shai Heels - Azteca, Blue Denim, Bohemian, Grey Denim, Grunge Denim, Seashell, Snakeskin, Splatter  ( @ T H I C K )

[YumZ] has multiple outfits and shoe styles at the T H I C K  Event Room. This is part two of my post for them. This dress is adorable and it goes well with the Shai heels. Just like how the outfit in the last post goes great with the Renegade boots.